The funniest thing I’ve seen this week.

If you didn’t get it – it’s a mammoth SUV parked in one of the “small car” parks in the Canberra centre. The Magpie nearly killed himself laughing when we saw this. (If you haven’t figured, I’m not a fan of the great, road-hoggin, gas guzzling SUVs… bring on electric/hydrogen cars!)



  1. Ugh. Shows the kind of arrogant morons you often see driving these things. apologies to any friends who drive them. You are exempt.

  2. Just goes to show two things: 1) most people who drive these monstrosities have NO IDEA how thye fit into the wider community, and 2) general attitude is “dont give a sh*t” about it anyway.

    (disclaimer:we had a real one in the NT, but thats when there’s 300 km between towns and more unsealed roads than sealed)

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