Many miles to go before I sleep…

The weekend found me looking longingly at my Haven 4ply that I’d bought at the Kingston Cassidy’s sale. The Roam sleeves are taking forever (at least I’ve now mastered the magic loop method!), and I wanted to just do something quick and easy, whilst vegging out in front of the cricket after a torrid week. So, I decided to cast on Magpie’s scholar collar. I’ve always had every intention of doubling up the yarn, I bought so much of the royal blue for him anyway, but knitting with this stuff was an absolute joy. So much of a joy that I cast it off at the end of the cricket on Sunday evening. It’s just finished blocking, and now I need to find buttons. Photos will follow, and the Magpie is very chuffed. And so am I. I haven’t knitted plain garter stitch in such a long time, that this really was a quick and easy no-brainer.

The next thing I need to do is teach myself the continental method. Magpie, frustrated with some lemma that he couldn’t quite get, ransacked my yarn and needles again, and my knitting books, and taught himself to knit in the continental method in 5 minutes. No help. Purling took him slightly longer, and it all made me somewhere between very proud and slightly envious. I think I’m going to need to lock up my stash soon – he can buy his own. He is thinking of joining us at an SnB at some point, when he feels thatg he can confidently knit in public. I suppose anything with numbers and technicality will make a mathematician/computer programmer happy. lol.

This week sees me correct my chapter for submission, draft a paper for a conference at Macquarie University in July, and try finish that sleeve… Oh, and knit up a Tudora as well.

I can’t wait to just write and knit again. Life will be simpler then…


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