Yes, I am still alive. it has been an hectic few weeks of thesis proposal-ing, seminar prepping and a wasted weekend of getting my ACT wheel (so, they still have the training wheels attached – I’ll get back there in the end).

The driver’s licence is green (I can’t wait until its gold).
The seminar was a tentative success (I’m not happy, but my supervisor appears to have been).
And my word, winter is truly on its way!

And now, without much further ado, the meme that kms tagged me to do…

first the rules:

1. Once you are tagged, link back to the person who tagged you.
2. Post THE RULES on your blog.
3. Post 7 weird or random facts about yourself on your blog.
4. Tag 7 people and link to them.
5. Comment on their blog to let them know they have been tagged.


1. I used to sing. A lot. I was part of a school chamber choir that won the national eisteddfod for three consecutive years in South Africa. We’d train between 15-20 hours a week normally, and sometimes double that when we had a concert. We sang Handel’s Messiah for our brother school’s 150th anniversary. It was amazing, I’ll never forget the goosebumps from singing the Hallelujah chorus and the Amen.

2. I have three tattoos. The first one was my 18th birthday present from my mom (long story there – but I love my mom). It’s a seahorse. The second was my 19th birthday’s present to myself and its this lovely Gothic design one of my best friend’s created for me. The third was my 21st present/honours grad present to myself – and that’s my name in Tolkien’s high Elvish. I love them all, and I’d love to get another (few?), but self control say 3 is enough.

3. I have 4 university degrees (not double degrees – separate degrees) and counting. Yes, I am a sucker for punishment.

4. I have a beautiful briard who now lives in NZ with my parents. She is the most intelligent animal I have ever known, and has a penchant for singing a counterpoint (in tune) to the Antiques Roadshow theme. This usually happens when I’m on the phone to my parents. I love it.

5. The Magpie’s brother, is a graphic designer, and made me a “business card” on his site. (It’s under portfolio, and the thumbnail has the fountain pen nib). I want that card. Especially for the last “qualification”.

6. I love food. My current favourite is sliced zucchini drizzled with olive oil and cooked on the bbq/grill plate. It goes all buttery and delicious. (And most things the Magpie cooks – I have my very own wannabe french chef, and he’s not too bad either)

7. I have a morbid fear of calling people I don’t know for business/admin purposes. I hate telephones with a passion, and I don’t know why…

Okay… to tag… Witty Knitter; Sister Sticks; Ginger Nut; Jenn; Othlon; Neet; and Rhiannon. If you’ve already been tagged, ignore this.

And happy Feb 29th! Enjoy today, it only happens every 4 years!

More later, now that I can correct my chapter at leisure!


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  1. That is a seriously well-designed and cool business card (I’m a graphic designer, and I wish *I’d* designed something that lovely…)!!

    Totally with you on the phones thing. I have to deal with my dislike of phones daily in my business. Sometimes I pretend to be my secretary when I get calls from charities begging for money, and I say “The Boss is out” 😉

    I’ve played The Messaih in an orchestra (violin) and adore those bits too – stunning work to perform!!

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