Monday Monday….

We have a car! The funny thing is, it didn’t take very long. It was actually the first car we saw in Phillip. There was a gut feeling when we first saw it, but reluctantly, we left it to look at the other car yards only to realise our mistake we went back to find still safe and sound, and the test drive only confirmed that: it was perfect. So, we are all this afternoon to pick a new baby, “The Silver Bullet” and finally go shopping with the car. Photos to come.

Considering the bug has become the dreaded hormonal discomfort; when we were not looking at cars, I was sitting on a bean bag feeling morose, and finishing my next clapotis. I am very chuffed with it. One word of advice though: try not to ever put yourself in a position where you need to frog — especially on an edge. Things got a little hairy there, but with the help of a extra two or three needles, I’ll we got there in the end. It is currently blocking and photos to follow. Now I can concentrate on my Roam. Oh yes, and Henry.

The tea is helping, and with very excited Magpie bouncing around the house, I get the distinct impression that I am going to be dragged all the way to the other side of the city and back. Be that as it may, nothing is going to stop me from getting to the SnB tonight. And then I can get some quality time in with my moss stitch. Right now however, I think I need chocolate.



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