the more hereafter….

Yes, the “more” has arrived. A week battling one of the several bugs going around the library/and/or/department and I think I’ve nearly won. I don’t’ like to admit defeat, so I really had to crook to go home yesterday, and not bravely battle the bus to make it in to the SnB. But Monday… yes, there will be Monday.

Can’t quite say I’m looking forward to the weekend. It’ll be another Saturday in the used car yards (in Phillip for a change of scenery), and working on my mid-term chapter (which I finished yesterday) – getting ready to send it to supervisor and panel for first comments. Yes I am terribly nervous. I have yet to have a good experience with supervisors/panels. This lot do actually make me feel optimistic, but that could all end but the end of next week. Dang it all, I just want to knit.

And the cold weather makes me want to knit more. 19 tomorrow… that just screams of knitting weather to me. *sigh*

Anyway, I will ramble more on the weekend if I get anywhere near a computer. Hmm…

Enjoy all!!!