Er… yeah? Shmeh.

We’ll begin with Cassidy’s on Friday. I was deeply disappointed. Somebody had come in during the morning and spent $640 buying up the last of the Zara and all the decent wool she could find (and no, it wasn’t George). SO all that was left was baby yarn, 4 ply and mohair. Now, I’m not a fan of mohair, and I get really grumpy when I see all the stuff that the others bought, and the remainder is sitting at full price looking at me smugly.

But, I did get some NZ Merino 4 ply, and some Sh*&tvago in a lovely burgundy (I’ll just have to wait until I feel insane enough to work with it again), and some Sidar Snuggly DK, so my George is sufficiently enhanced ($40’s worth, at full RRP, it would have been around $100-120, so I won’t complain). Did find out that the Rowan will bepriced at roughly $1-3 more than the Cleckheaton, and that makes me slightly happier.

The weekend involved car yards. And humid, muggy conditions, lots of walking and no luck. And issues with Henry, but more on that later. Our car budget has been upped by a few thousand, so we went looking (and test driving) and walking in the rain and the muugginess yesterday. In Mitchell (run away!) and Belconnen. And there is one I like, and drives well, and is decent… but I’m going to be dragged around Philip on Saturday. Oh gods! MAKE IT STOP already! That was a waste of a day as far as I’m concerned, but don’t tell that to the Magpie.

And now for Henry. Well, Henry has now been frogged 6 times, and I can tell you, Bendigo 3 ply does not like to be frogged. The 2nd retry on 452 stitches had me just finished the tubular cast one, sl1 k1 row, and had 5 stiches left of the purl row before starting the pattern when I noticed my stitch counters were popping off. And then, I shifted the yarn along the circ, to find the nylon had broken. And I turned the air blue. Henry is now 100 stitches long, and will be worked width ways. And looks pretty good like that. As easy at that slipped stitch herringbone pattern is, it has not endeared itself to me at all.

My Clappy looks good, and my Roam keeps giving me reproachful looks about working on the Henry and not it. I’m going to have to give it a fondle before bed tonight to let it know I miss working on its lovely, easy pattern.

(And Cambridge it will be, btw).




  1. someone beat you to all that Zara?! Well it wasn’t me. I bought mine weeks ago! Sorry you missed out on the good stuff!

    You said ‘George’. he he

  2. its amazing isnt it how the most simple elegant patterns are the ones that make you want to scream. i have found that with bendy too, it strands a bit much for me on the lower plys. still i hope you succeed as it is a lovely scarf. w00t to cambridge too 🙂

  3. That Cambridge comment just tacked on – does that mean it’s definite or your preference?

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