Still no luck with finding anything out about exchanges and fieldwork from this university, but Cambridge and been extraordinarily accommodating. I think they may be my most favourite english university now. Sorry Oxford, for all your history and affinity with everything I’ve been doing surround that myth that is you, Cambridge is not nearly as stuffy and pretentious. And hey, they had Issac Newton!

We go car shopping tomorrow. Exciting times. I have to make more of those cookies for the guy who is driving us around. That’s if he gets any after the Magpie has been through them. Also, the neighbours from hell, who were supposed to be gone 3 weeks ago are still there (illegally). Which means the Tenancy Tribunal is getting involved next door. And more open homes for us. Meh. They’re making us look like model tenants. I shouldn’t complain.

But most exciting. I’m finally getting to go the the Kingston Cassidy’s this afternoon. I have a shopping list. I wonder if I can stick to it or whether a fibre overload will make me pull a George and max out my card…

Stay tuned for the next exciting adventure….



  1. I’ve been meaning to ask you if you’ve ever come across a US novelist called Alison Lurie. She writes very funny novels about academia (well, she used to; now she tends to write novels about retired academics). She has a book of short stories called Women and Ghosts, and there’s one in there about a Wordsworth Centre in the Lake District, its administrator and some of its fellows, which I think may be one of the funniest short stories I have ever read about humanities academics.

  2. Rats! I finally succumbed to the lure of Cassidy’s this afternoon but obviously not at the same time as you. Would have been nice to catch up…

  3. oooh cambridge. exciting! and i really hope you went for the george 🙂

  4. How did the George enhancing work out? And the car buying?

    And Cambridge maybe! Exciting!

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