Presenting Best Big Fat Chewy Choc Chip Cookies. They are everything they are made out to be and more… (I think I’m going to try choc-cherry or choc-walnut next time…)

Will talk about my Aussie day weekend tomorrow when I’m not being chased by (and chasing) bureaucracy and the fact this bloody university offers exchanges that is says it has, yet nobody in the know can give me any information about it. And the deadline is Friday.
Heavens above.

And I’ll say one thing: 450 stitch rows are fsking impossible. I’m only 4 rows into it and things aren’t adding up. I’m going to have to frog back to pattern row one, and I’m not amused.

At least the pensky file is looking better. Not quite pretty yet, but getting there…



  1. They do look scrumptious. Do we get a vote? I vote choc/cherry wether we do or not.

  2. i also have had to do some frogging and i could do with one of those cookies right now!

  3. Oh man those look good!!! I LOVE chewy biscuits… yeah, like what I need is chocolate biscuits :p Very very tempting!

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