Thank the Gods its Friday

Smell that? Yes, it’s a Friday. And that other underlying scent of old Library book? Yes, it’s the unmistakable tang of University Library. I love it.

But my word, what a week. Wednesday was the worst day this year (so far)! After that heavy deluge we had at lunchtime, what appears to have been an entire migrant population of mozzies chose to use my office as a new nesting ground. This didn’t help matters much, and when I had to spray my room with mozzie killer things got worse. The instructions said to vacate the area for 20 minutes, but it was more than half an hour later (and I stupidly did not tak my wallet and cellphone out with me so I could do anything/ go anywhere), that the mozzies where dead – but the room still stank. And I, being silly attempted to work in it.

Dear readers, I have never felt so ill in my life. And I’m pretty sure that my head still hates me for it. So I must apologise to all 5 people I stood up rather tardily without any notice on Wednesday and yesterday. I was not a pretty sight (or pleasant person to be around, without lots of effort or pain killers). The poor Magpie can attest to that. The moral of the story – try work in a building with air conditioning, and failing that, one that has flyscreens for open windows. And don’t trust any mozzies. Ever.

Yesterday saw me do a little more research on Henry. I’m going to be attempting a tubular cast on, methinks. Sounds like fun. Now all I need are the needles! This clappy is also going brilliantly, and is such a no-brainer, I may just relegate it to bus work. As long as I have it knitted before autumn, I’ll be happy, and I’m nearly 1/2 done already. Oh the decisions! And the Bendigo sample card has not helped my cause either. I’d love to stick to my projects-first-yarns-later policy, but somehow I doubt that’s actually going to happen.

Anyway, its the last open home at our place this weekend – they’ll start using the next door property as of next week – so its just one more stressful weekend, and maybe next week will be better. I can only hope.

(Also, I have Sting’s “Seven Days” stuck in my head. I love the guy, and I love this song – but seriously – silence would be nice around about now…)


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  1. Argh! Mozzies! I hate the little buggers. So sorry the spray made you ill though! Hope you feel better now.

    And have a great weekend! See you at Sunday SnB perhaps?

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