SnB on Monday was just fantabulous. Bell’s shawl was looking lovely (congrats on finishing it), and it was lovely to see everybody again. It was also nice to see my Baudelaire (the sock pattern I chose to knit as my first pair of socks ever. Pick the person with the Type A personality). I hadn’t seen my Baudelaire in quite a few months, and realised I’d forgotten where I was and what I had been doing (despite the notes), and just before I left to catch the bus, I discovered I’d messed up the pattern repeat on the front of the sock. There really was only on thing to do. It took the bus ride home to frog the entire sock. Sigh. The Magpie wants a pair of socks. I think I’ll do something plain for him… like a pair of Back to Basics socks, or something nice… *shrugs* Oh well.

In stash enhancement news, my Bendigo wool arrived today. So shiny! Now, to get organised…

I suppose I should finish that introduction now.