What a waste of a weekend

This whole open home thing is becoming a real drag. Especially as we’re one of 2 houses on the plot, and the other one isn’t even being considered for viewing. The only good thing to come out of Saturday was a dishwasher. I have never owned one, but the Magpie has, and if this helps with saving time and effort, and helping more with the use of hours for study, then I’m happy.

Yesterday was just a waste, waiting for said appliance to arrive, and then a BBQ at Lake Burley Griffen for a friend’s birthday. Not that it was a bad party, just that they’d all been out till about 4am that morning, and the flies were horrible. It means that I didn’t get half of what I wanted to done, and that was quite frustrating.

In other news, I took the plunge and bought some Bendigo for projects – Classic in Tartan for Roam for me, and the Baby Wool in Frost for my Henry commission. I must admit, the reviews for Henry on Ravelry are varied and not very reassuring. I’m thinking of using the alternative cast on/off and selvage pattern suggested by one of the knitters, and am morbidly curious about the rest of the pattern, but we’ll see. The recipient of the scarf is very excited about the whole thing, so I’ll consider it a challenge.

SnB in Dickson tonight. Looking forward to it. I have my Baudelaire with me. Time to get this baby going again…