Back in the Berra!

Happy new year everybody. First day on the job back in a university library (I have missed working in a uni library so much!), and considering paperwork and getting access is never very fast first thing in the year, I decided to say hello! (And once again congratulate Georgie on a phenomenal shopping trip. I mean… wow.)

2008 is going to be a big year – with fieldwork scheduled for the middle of the year and part-time work on either side. My resolutions for the next (now) 346 days are as follows:

finish off those baudelaires…
learn to spin
enrol in yoga classes
pick projects before yarns
go to SnB’s more often than I did last year
eat better

Simple, yes. But they are things I really do want to do. I’ll do nice recap not on work time. But first, I need to get that pair of socks done!

Good to be back, looking forward to seeing everybody this year!



  1. Nice to have you back! Hopefully we’ll see you on Monday nights at least?

  2. Welcome homw, and Happy New Year! A nice, achievable list of aims there, nothing too onerous, but all very worthy.

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