Ho hum…

I hope everybody has had a lovely Christmas, and that nobody got mauled in the Boxing Day sales yesterday.

Christmas Eve was a quiet day (we give gifts and do the Big Meal on Christmas Eve, the Continental way) – Instead of the roast, etc, we had a meat fondue, with chunks of fillet steak, and capsicum, zucchini, mushroom,dinner rolls, dips and salads to eat, and it really was wonderful – nice and light, but still filling.

The knitted Dayflower and Tiger Eye scarfs were both well received, and I have just had confirmation that the Vine Stitch scarf “looks like mithril”, which I thought anyway, but it is nice to have that ratified. The Fibonacci #3 had just been cast off and is currently being washed – which leaves me with nothing but schoolwork (readings) to do now, since not one fibre-ish thing has come my way this festive season, I may have to go online and order some yarn to solve that problem. (I got perfume, chocolates, Baileys, and cosmetics – what are they trying to tell me?!)

I’m quite chuffed that I’ve managed to finish off my two Christmas projects so quickly. When I get back to Canberra, I must just get those socks done. I feel very guilty every time I log on to ravelry and there’s a photo of a lonely, 90% done sock. Socks do still terrify me though, but now that I need to regroup and decide what to do in 2008, that pair of socks must be finished! I need to, so I can justify some nice socks that rock yarn. I wish I had brought those socks along too… *sigh*

I will enjoy those socks, because I’ve been commissioned to knit Henry for a friend recently promoted to manager in a financial firm, two more Fibonacci beanies – one for an engineer and one for a classics teacher, Cherie Amour for mom, and I would love one too, socks for the Magpie, and another clapotis, this time in that wool I dyed in May.

That is already a fair bit of knitting. The Henry is going to be done in Bendigo, that much, I know, and the Fibonacci beanies will continue in the Bluebell, and the Clapotis is also sorted for yarn… its just those Cherie Amour’s I’m pondering over. And I want to do some more lace. I appear to have caught the bug.

But, the weather has finally fined up, and I’m attempting to achieve some semblance of colour in my skin, as to be able to wear my summery skirts and not blind anybody. I’ve managed to revisit a significant number of my favourite fantasy books with out much guilt (Guy Gavriel Kay’s Fionavar Tapestry, Raymond E Feist’s Riftwar Trilogy, David Eddings’ Belgariad and Mallorean, and Tolkien’s Silmarillion). Lots of reading. But, with 2 weeks before I’m back in the thick of things, I think shifting fantasy worlds from early 19th Century England and Europe is a prudent idea.

Looking forward to being back in the ‘Berra, I love this place, but its too touristy (and cold!) over the Christmas period.

If I am silent before 01/01/08 – I wish you all a Happy new year, and all my warmest wishes for 2008!