clickity click!

Isn’t she just so beautiful! I finished my Clapotis in a record 5 days, and due to the bad weather here, she’s only just dried. But wow, I am in love with this pattern. The beanie is going at a clipping pace too, but I am going to have to go fight the hoardes tomorrow to get some more 2.75mm dpns, as I forgot those back in the ACT.

We felt that amazing quake last night – 100km north of Gisborne, of course we did. It was quite violent here, so I’m really surprised at the lack of damage (if one can call disinterating buildings a “lack” of damage), but it could have been so much worse. But, we all live on the fault line, so the “big one” is both expected and overdue, so I must say, that those in the Poverty Bay, and here in the Bay of Plenty are finding a lot of the media coverage wanting heavily dramatic stories slightly amusing.

But the weather has been shocking. It’s the first time since I’ve been home that I’ve seen the sun (and its blowing gales), but my mother’s roses are looking fantastic. It’s a pity I can’t bring some back with me when I return to Aussie in a few weeks. It’s been nice to be here, because I’ve just avoided the shops – and so the whole commercial Christmas thing has just been an echo of muted advertisements on tv. Apart, of course from the plenty of mince pies. Mmmm… fruit mince pies.

And to make it an extra special Christmas, I’ll be returning to my old stomping grounds – academic library reference – in January, albeit in a new library, at ANU. It’s a cool 30-45 seconds from office to library, and I get to do something I love until I pop off to the UK for fieldwork, and it means I can knit, and get paid for it! mwaha!

But, it is otherwise quite here. The nothing but knitting is going to have to give way to some study again, but I think only after Christmas. I’m having far too much fun watching the history, documentary and food channels on cable. This, is what I call a holiday!

Hope you are all well, and I’d like to wish everybody a Merry Christmas, Happy Hannukah, and a prosperous 2008. It has been wonderful to meet you all this year, and I look forward to many more SnB’s (which I will actually make), in the future.



  1. Your clapotis is beautiful. I love these colours. Hope your christmas was excellent.

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