rearing to go…

What a weekend. I’m flying through the Clapotis – Bamboozle is really easy to knit with. There was some touch and go with the Black Dog – that interview answer brought back some rather unpleasant memories of a time I’m still trying to forget, so why it came to mind in the first place is quite bizarre. I finished the present shopping, and went and saw Elizabeth: the Golden Age at the Dendy – the cinematography is fantastic, the costuming, brilliant… pity about the lack of script. Must see Hunting and Gathering though, it looks wonderful!

I’m pretty much packed, just doing the last of the laundry *glares at the clouds*, sorting out the readings to take home, and checking all the times and dates with a compulsion verging on paranoia. If I am, in my usual, organized way, ready to go with half a day in hand, there will be a lot of knitting taking place.

Looking forward to gardening and knitting, and the raiding of the fridge at every possible moment (And possibly acquiring quantities of NZ merino to bring back with me)! And being in the same time zone as the Magpie. It will also give me some more time to catch up on my blogging. And reading.

Ah. I’m going to actually have a holiday.
What a novel experience…


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  1. I saw the new Elizabeth movie recently as well. Totally fell in love with the costumes – even more so than in the first one. And I love the filming. But yes, the story was a bit limited in places. Still, yay for Cate!
    I saw Hunting and Gathering as well, and really recommend it. It felt like peering into someone else’s life, without the usual over-dramatisation of Hollywood. Small stories that come together to mean something big about friendship and kindness.

    Enjoy your holiday!

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