I can almsot see the end of the tunnel… see? A pinprick of light!

AAAAAAh, alright, alright. Hello world!

5 days left in the crazy week. The last show home, apparently, went very well. One more this weekend. Not really that much I have to do for it, but there is quite a bit of spring cleaning that needs to be done before I leave. The Annual Plan and Report are in, just tweaking the paper and lit review for the TPR (and madly photocopying excerpts from books to take home with me).

Had interview #1 today with the library. It was alright, I guess. I have another one tomorrow. They’re putting our rent up next year, so I need to start earning. Between that and fieldwork in June… *shudders* It all comes down to madness to cap off a fairly hectic and crazy year. I’m not anticipating it being so bad next year. *touch wood* Going to need to do a big reassessment and plan of what I do want to do next year, I’ve missed too many SnB’s for my liking, and that’s going to have to change. I’m getting twitchy from not being able to knit for a few weeks now. The withdrawal is kicking in. I dearly want to start on my Clapotis, but I need to get sock #1 done, and #2 started, and the Fibonacci beanie well on its way. And there was no House last night, which I pouted about, but it looks like Bones starts again tonight, so I won’t break my tv just yet. Besides, if I’m cleaning, I can’t be knitting anyway.

Well, it has been a long day, and I need to start blogging again in earnest. But for now, I need to go home, start cleaning (I really don’t want to have to do it all tomorrow), have some food and sleep. So tired at the moment – its really frustrating. But, none of it can be helped, only to know that the end is nigh, and then I’ll be set of a 30 hour day to top it all off.

Be back soon. Caffeine is needed.