week in review

Sydney… hot, humid, and blistering (for my feet). I think we walked in excess of 40/50kms last weekend. And I have blisters where my jandals (aussies: thongs) rubbed against the inside of my foot. Not pleasant. But, I got to see a friend of mine, who informs me that she put her gloves on the moment she got off the plane in Wellington (sucks to go from 32 degree weather to 10 degree weather. Thank God for not living in NZ!) Spent more money on food and less on clothes – but then, I didn’t really have that much to begin with. But it did make going to Tapestry Craft in my last day with $20 and an hour left quite devastating. It’s a pity I can’t drag the Magpie in there and choose my birthday presents for myself from their wonderous stash – but then, I paid $8.90 for a ball of Bluebell in a colour that no other wool store I could find had. I grumble, because that’s $2 more than Lincraft. Honestly – it makes me wonder about how much more expensive their other yarns are. (They did however, have the most beautiful 2ply merino in cream that I could almost see hand-dyed by Happy Spider and being knitted up in my attempts to make myself a lace shawl).

In saying that though, I was quite successful in my shopping. I did get that colour in the Bluebell I’ve been searching for, as well as some dresses I can wear for my CAVAL workshops (they’re the nice wash and wear – no crease, slightly 1950’s Audrey dresses – great!) I love 75% off Events sales. A nice necklace from The Rocks markets – which apparently are to be closed by the Sydney city council, I’m gutted – some things from the markets in Manly, and some really funky clothes from the young designer stores on Oxford and Crown streets(the shops were closed by the time we got to Fitzroy street).

And the heel took quite a bit of time to finish (but was far less painful than I anticipated), so I have 4 repeats before sock one is done (I can’t knit the double pattern repeat on a bus – too bumpy – thinking of casting on a vine stitch scarf in 4ply cotton for bus journeys. It’s a single row repeat, and looks really nice. I wonder if it works in cotton…

As for the black dog… he’s appeared to not have returned with me. And I’ve found that I can write again, although the anxiety of what to write is still there. The upside of the next couple of weeks is that there has been talk by some of my friends to spoil me to a high tea at the Hyatt Hotel for my birthday. Last year I was acting like a glut at Strawberry Fare and a number of games of pool, and the year before… more games of pool (there is a recurring theme here, the rest, right back to 19, and including 21, were, pizza and pool). It sounds like there may be a break from tradition here. Anyway, enough of that.

It’s raining, I have fresh pasta to go home and cook with some nice vine ripened tomatoes and fresh basil from my little basil plants. Then, I can snuggle down with Fingerprints of the Gods or some less guilty reading pleasures, and knit. Sounds blissful. 🙂



  1. So pleased you seem to have lost that black mutt in Sydney!Maybe he’s hanging around Kirribilli House or something.

    Bluebell for how much? what a shame they were the only place you could get that colour – no worries – at least it provides a good story of how you got it!

  2. So glad you’re had such a nice weekend (despite the sore feet, ow, my feet hurt just READING about it – not that my feet can read, THEY WISH). Glad you managed to lose the black dog up there, and have come home ready to write and enjoy life.

    High Tea at the Hyatt is something not to be missed – you’ll love it!

  3. Glad you had a wonderful weekend, and lost the black dog along the way, bonus!! And you got Bluebell in the colour you wanted, bugga the price, I say!!!

  4. Popping by to wish you a Happy Birthday 🙂 Hope it’s full of joy (and fibre).

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