bring on the weekend.

As the fluff begins to settle thickly down university avenue, panicked undergrads start roaming the corridors of my building, so I can neither open the door for relief, or the window (my room is a sun trap). Instead, I’ve been escaping to the quiet (excluding the constant “tactactactactac” from the old gentleman in the corner and his laptop) of the Petherick Reading Room. I think I can now start to worry less about not having researched enough because I’m now seeing the same arguments and citations at every turn. This means I may have even researched smartly. It doesn’t mean there has been that much writing, for the reading has been extensive. So Sir Supervisor is just going to have to deal with my long list of questions instead.

The socks go slowly – but I do have a 3 hour trip up to Sydney tomorrow (enough to nearly finish sock 1, and a 3 hour trip back on Monday (more than enough time to start sock 2), and I started the Tiger Eye Scarf in the Soho Cotton Azure. This pattern flies off the needles – I had done a quarter of the scarf (5 repeats) in something stupid like 2 hours. For a novice lace knitter watching tv and ironing at the same time as knitting this, that is incredible. If I weren’t so guilty about my socks (and enamored with the lace pattern on Baudelaire, I would probably finish that scarf this weekend.

Speaking of the lace pattern in the Baudelaire sock, I love it so much, I think I’m going to make a scarf out of it. Stay tuned, there will be a pattern before November is out. Unless somebody beats me to it first, but, shmeh – it’s gorgeous I love it, I want it, its mine.

As for this weekend, it’s Labor Weekend in NZ, so a friend of mine is flying to Sydney to shop, and I’m going up to shop vicariously through her. I need this break, I’m really looking forward to it. Who knows – maybe I can lose the Black Dog somewhere in the harbour.

Anyway, will post more later. Thanks for the votes of confidence everybody – I really appreciate it! 🙂



  1. I do so hope you have the most wonderful weekend in Sydney. If you run, or even walk quite quickly, you just might lose that nasty black dog in the back streets somewhere.

  2. Just reading about the fluff at Uni takes me back to my undergraduate days at the ANU – fluff time always meant EXAMS! The fluff still has to power to scare me! 😉

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