yearning for Thunderstorms….

Thank you so much to everybody who commented. It’s sounds almost silly to say it, but its a real relief to not be alone. The Black Dog seems to have made himself very comfortable at my house, and it appears that he’s firm in his resolve to not going anywhere for a while. If only he like to play fetch… I’d find a nice cliff somewhere…

The meeting with my supervisor was a half-full/half empty sort of affair. He now knows I’m not alright, I want feedback, and I want a supervisor. Meetings are not only in concrete, they’re in marble, and I also have the get-out-of-jail-free card of now being allowed to stalk him if needed. The downside is, everything I’d written for that meeting was so nonsensical, I basically have to rip it up and start all over again. *sigh… headdesk* That can be done, it shouldn’t be too hard. I just wonder where I’ll get the energy from…

The Lima finally proved to be useful for something, and was whipped up into a gorgeous Fetching glove. Plus 2 extra cable rows, it took about 3 or 4 hours total to knit one glove (that includes 3 attempts to cast on with very slippery wool), so I should have the other done by tomorrow arvo (if I cast on tonight). This means that the sock has stopped, but I can resume it with my full attention on Sunday. (And now I’m dreaming about knitting socks… I’m going mad).

Anyway, its going to be a weekend of reading, and knitting, and hopefully taking it easy. Thoroughly enjoying the SSS posts. Keep up the good work everybody!



  1. I’m glad you sorted things out with your supervisor, even if only briefly.

    That Lima is funny stuff, isn’t it? I started making mittens out of them, but they split in nasty ways which makes frogging very unpleasant!

    Hope you have a great weekend!

  2. hehehe, love the image of you stalking your supervisor through dark and narrow corridors while he keeps looking back over his shoulder! never be afraid to stalk them, its their job and they sometimes need a not-so-gentle reminder of that fact! i hope your planned week delivers some satisfaction!

  3. In my experience, most supervisors need a very large kick in the buttocks – prod buttock frequently and stalk to your heart’s content!

  4. Really glad your supervisor is now aware of your needs. I agree, prod, stalk, remind, kick…and keep on knitting too 😉

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