Pain as the price for wisdom!

So, I’m teething again! or should I say “toothing”? One of damned wisdom teeth has decided to take another shot at breaking through to the surface. My mouth and sleep patterns are not impressed. But I shall get bonjela en route to SnB tonight after I attack things with a battle fan. Fun times.

Despite the frogging dayflower #2 for the umpteenth million time (it is so much easier to knit in cotton!), and its deadline being next Thursday evening (eep!), a cast on and frogged the first toe of the first sock for SSS last night, and recast on this morning whilst waiting for the bus. It looks right this time, so fingers crossed I can get going. Of course, I’ll have to interrupt play with the scarf deadline, but this is going to be fun! 🙂

In other news, the Magpie and I went to Floriade in search of the MCG. It wasn’t nearly as impressive as the masses of flowers, or the street organ. And we both walked away with nice summer hats. Lovely!

The Magpie, resplendent in his Indiana Jones hat, surveys the tulips

Possibly my most favourite photo – but then, I’m a sucker for dutch irises

The street organ, much fun and fascination for all

The MCG – yes, the footie poles and wickets gave it away for me too.


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