In which the heroine stays at home and drinks tea…

So, I didn’t go to SnB today. The niggly wisdom tooth I’ve been purposefully ignoring all week finally demanded attention last night. So I spent hours tossing and turning, the only think calming the ache being rooibos tea at 4.30 this morning.

This means, I didn’t get up until 10, and then I made the mistake of checking my email, to discover that my ravelry invite had arrived, and I, being foolish, sought to explore on a very slow dial up connection (my login is avalonne, btw).

By the time I was awake enough and not grouchy (my Magpie commiserated on the phone, secretly happy that he was far, far, away) – it was 1, and I consoled myself by finishing Fibonacci beanie #2, and frogging Dayflower #2 because of not paying attention to the lace. West Side Story did nothing for my concentration – or my tissue supplies, and I have serious doubts about sleeping tonight. I think I neurofen is finally in order…

Anyway, I start my socks tomorrow. I’m still tossing up between 3 different patterns. I think I may resort to “eenie meanie mynie mow” to choose. Heck, I may end up doing them all… We shall see. But for now, I have some more Gothic theory to read, and more tea to make. And maybe I’ll try starting that dayflower again…



  1. You poor soul, wisdom teeth are the pits. If you’re not so keen on too much ibuprofen, you could try some Bonjela (topical gel that numbs the area – use it for the Pirate all the time). In the supremarket babay aisle or the pharmacy.

    Yay for Ravelry invites!!

  2. i knew there was a reason i had all my wisdom teeth yanked when i was a kid. ick. and wherefor art thou on ravelry?

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