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I’m so sore from Kempo last night – lots of fan waving has left me very stiff! 🙂

I’ve posted my personal challenge on the SSS site for this KAL. One single pair of toe-up socks. Now, I just need a pattern – and there are so many to choose from. Any suggestions? How difficult is it to change a top down pattern to a toe-up one? And which is a better sort of heel – short row or gusset? Burning questions – any suggestions from the veteran sockkiters out there?!

My fairly simple goal is because of my other projects – all due for Christmas, and to see just how much of a mess I make on my first pair. I will probably do more when I’ve finished. I’ve been secretly envious of all these beautiful socks that people keep making and by the end of next year, I want at least 6 pairs for me, and lots of others who deserve a nice pair of hand knitted socks. My grandmother would have been so proud.

In Magpie news, he’s discovered just how mathematical patterns can be – and is in the middle of his first attempt of making patterns with variations of knits and purls. Will post the photo when the first repeat is finished. He’s complaining that time goes far too fast when his knitting, and is now adept at tinking rather than frogging. I think we will have to do some serious worrying if we start knitting at the same time – nothing will get done! He’s been jesting about coming to some SnB’s when he’s a little better. He may find himself there sooner than he thinks!

reading: Stuart Curran – Blake and the Gnostic Hyle – from Hilton, ed. Essential Articles: William Blake.
listening:tadpole – buddahfinger
knitting: Dayflower #2, Fibonacci beanie #2.



  1. A great toe up pattern with a lovely heel is on the Diamante sock at Knitty. You could knit it plain instead of the pattern they use. – Jacqui

  2. Also, Wendy Knits has a generic toe up sock pattern that, when I give that idea a go, will probably be the first one I try since it seems to show up everywhere as a good basic recipe.

    Very impressed by Magpie. Sean tried knitting once and after a few rows felt satisfied he had some notion of the way it works and felt no further inclination, having mastered the basic garter stitch. If Magpie keeps on, that’s great!

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