In which, it begins…

I am, a very chuffed Fairy. I finished Dayflower #1 last night, and in the hunt for my tapestry needle (I keep misplacing that thing), I pulled out my stash box, and, upon finding said needle, left the box out in the lounge to be packed up later. Once I’d woven in the end, I noticed it was very quiet. Too quiet. So I went in search of the Magpie. He was sitting in front of the box, with a pair of needles and some of my Bluebell 8 ply, attempting to cast on!

With some verbal instructions and guidance (I was not allowed to help him), he managed to cast on, and then knit. And then – dear readers – he asked about purling. And picked it up in less than 5 seconds. It took me 3 weeks as a 6 year-old to be able to purl properly – and he did in 5 seconds! Then, he frogged the whole thing (and laughed when I told him what it’s called “frogging”), re-cast on, and started to try a k2 p4 pattern (why that – I don’t know), and cackled gleefully as he took his needles and wool to bed to knit there. His tension is horrible, but hey – when is it not when you learn to knit… I wonder if I can get him on socks when he does manage to get it all sorted out. They are very mathematical items after all…

Concentrating on knitting


Finished another row


A motley looking first attempt, and my Dayflower #2


reading:own notes on Blake so far…
listening: Albertine CD – Brooke Fraser
knitting: Dayflower #2 in Moss Green Lincraft Lima, Fibonacci beanie #2 in Bluebell 5ply.



  1. The birth of a knitter! Congratulations to you both. ;D. I think he’s doing very well indeed.

    Look forward to seeing your Dayflower.

  2. brilliant! it warmed my heart to see the look of intense concentration on his face, look forward to the FOs!

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