Week recap. Well, not really a week, but still…

What a week! And crunch time begins!

Wednesday last say a meeting with the supervisor, and preparation continues for the first chapter – needed for my thesis proposal review due in December. Yes folks, I have 6-8 weeks to write a 20k (draft) chapter, during which time I’m flying to Sydney and Melbourne for day-long metadata workshops for CAVAL. Heavens. So it’s prep week this week, and writing starts on October 1. 9yes, it may be Labour Day, but I’m a student – we don’t get breaks). The chapter is on Blake’s Gothic side, so it should be an interesting write – I’m not sure about fast, but definitely interesting. I’m busy scouring through my mountains of readings to collate the one’s I’ve tagged as relevant, to have on hand for quick reference. How organised of me! After that flurry, I went to have coffee with TSS, who was en route to an ALIA function that I would loved to have gone to, but had dinner with faculty members instead. (Thai – yum!). She had her funky skirt with here. Trendy woman that – I wish I could sew.

Thursday saw the acquisition of The Essential Wok Cookcook for the Magpie. He love his wok to bits, and this has everything in it. (Actually, I got it because he wanted the char siu bau recipe, but we’ve used it this weekend, and it is a good book).

The weekend comprised the farmer’s market (and 6kg of oranges for $6), weapons training for Kempo, house cleaning, and watching Stardust with the Magpie at the Dendy, and rugby at the Civic Pub (nice place that – reminds me of a backpacker’s I used to haunt whenever I’d go to Christchurch).

I love the Stardust book by Neil Gaiman – I love all Neil Gaiman’s books – but this movie was not the book. It was good, but Magpie – having not read the book enjoyed it far more than I did. It’s taken me a while to reconcile myself to the book being very different to the movie, and it works now that I’ve done that – but it was fun – laugh out loud good in many places. And Robert De Niro is simply magic. And baking, and knitting. I must not use a food processor when hands will do. My chocolate-coconut slice was a lot finer than it should have been. I will rectify this mistake sometime this week.

The dayflower #1 has 2 repeats until it is done and ready for blocking. It took a lot of self control at 1.30 this morning to not just finish it there and then, but I was falling asleep, and even simple lace when you’re that tired will end up being frogged. So I look forward to going home and finishing that one tonight.

The Soho Summer cotton has been a joy to knit with, but it’s not very forgiving when you make mistakes, because it shows all. But the drape and feel – so beautiful. The next one will be cast on tomorrow, I just need to make significant gains in the Fibonacci beanie, because I have a Sunday deadline for that as well.

Anyway, procrastination break aside, I have a lot of prep to do. Stay tuned for the counter… I guess I’ll have my very own NaNoWriMo going on – even if it isn’t a proper Novel. 🙂

Listening:Brahms – Variations on a theme by Haydn – (Karajan and the Berlin Philharmonkier)
Reading: David Punter, ed – A Gothic Companion – Oxford and Maldon: Blackwell Publishing, 2000.
Knitting: Dayflower Scarf #1, 5mm needles in Soho Summer Cotton (Orchid); Fibonacci Beanie in Bluebell 5 ply on 2.5mm circs
Kanga counter: 7 (CSIRO land, Gundaroo Drive).