adventures in voice recognition software

Hello all!

I am rather chuffed at the moment. I am sitting in my new monastic cell-like office dictating to my blog on my voice recognition software. The past couple of days have been pretty iffy with moving and the anticipated technological hiccups, but that’s all sorted now and its just getting used to speaking instead of writing. It’s going to take a while to get the hang of it, methinks. Although, in saying that, this computer really is picking up what I’m saying quite well.

In other adventures, my a Soho summer cotton from the The Woolshack arrived yesterday and was greeted with longing looks. I really mustn’t start using it yet. I have two really good friends from Wellington arriving tomorrow for the Tori Amos concert, and that means no knitting for the duration of their stay (Shock! Horror!) But, they bring with them Cookie Time Cookies (hooray!) And possibly other little treats, so I may have something to swap with TSS for those lovely Toffee Pops that she has promised me. Thank you Cuzzie C!

Not much else to report. Things are slowly settling down here. And I am hoping to slowly get back into the knitting after the visitors go and went the dust has settled in my new office. Am feeling very lonely due to a lack of SnB and it will be good to see how all the old familiar faces are again.

So, what is happening with Floriade and the picknit??

Best get back to training this thing! over and out. 🙂



  1. Wow that software works a treat! I wonder if I can convicne work ot get me some so I can knit at my workstation and still write??

    Hope you enjoyed Tori and have fun with your guests! But NO knitting? Not even while youre sitting chatting with a glass of wine?

  2. I didn’t go to Tori, my friend’s have been avid fans, but I’m too poor. They managed to get upgraded to row E and nearly died.

    Knitting is now happening slowly. On a dayflower scarf in Soho Cotton. Very nice, slowly extending knitting time. I may have to learn the continential method in the near future though.

    And yes, this software is good. 🙂

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