Christmas presents…

Yes, I am still alive. Been having a break from computers and getting my office and voice software sorted – been a bit of a shambles lately, but getting there slowly. Spirng is definately here – my sinuses are loving the wattle blooms (why did I have move to a country where I’m allergic to the national flower?) – but antihistamines are good things at the moment.

Slowly working my way back to needles – I don’t want to overdo it and never be able to knit again, and have decided on dayflower scarves for mine and the Magpie’s mothers in the Jo Sharp Soho Summer DK cotton – for Christmas. I’ve got a trail run going for a friend’s birthday in Lincraft Lima (I wanted something not too expensive, and she can’t touch wool, but she can alpaca, which is a good thing). Of course, it took a while to read the graph, only three four five frogs later, I had it going, and boy, does it go. I’m knitting slowly, and I’m only 3 days into it, and I may finish this evening. *look of shock and disbelief* Who knew lace could be so much fun?!

Also bit the bullet and bought my ticket home for Christmas. I actually get home on Mom’s birthday, which is lovely and will get to see my beloved puppy (so, she’s a six year old briard – but she’s still my puppy!) again. And the sea. And humidity (eugh!) Freedom Air is good for that, I’ll admit it. My return ticket’s are $1200 less than Qantas or Air NZ. I couldn’t believe it! Now to tell my parents they need to drive 3 hours to get me from an airport on the other side of the island at midnight… *grins*

toodles. I’ll be back.



  1. I’m sure your parents will be thrilled to have you back – long midnight drive or not.

    Glad you are able to knit a little. The dayflowers in cotton sound lovely.

  2. Yes, they don’t mind at all – dad was just a little disappointed that I dodn’t make it two days later so that he could get out of the leaver’s ball – bane of every teacher’s existence. 🙂

    I’m hoping the cotton will be lovely – I’ve never knitted in cotton before – and hope it’s not too bad on the hands.

  3. How lovely to get to go home for Christmas! I’m glad you’re enjoying the lace, it’s addictive, isn’t it 🙂

    Take care of your hands, pacing yourself is the key. Hope the voice software stuff is helping.

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