Sumer is icumin in, lhude sing cuccu!

Thank you! KMS for the tag! I nearly fell off my seat when I was nominated.

Most of my choices already have been tagged, but I’d like to commend the amazing Ms Spider, although I’m sure she’s been tagged numerous times, QuiltingMick because of her colourful and entertaining posts – and the craftiness! I’m in awe; our resident Yarn Snob, Meg – it’s good to have her back online and posting, TSS for getting me into this mess, and Taph because that woman is a knitting machine. Looking forward to having her back online too.


Spring has sprung here! it’s a beautiful day, and I’ve got to head out past Woden to physio again this afternoon. Hopefully it’ll be one of the last times to do that trek. But it have made a huge difference.

Had my voice recognition training for the computer software on Friday. Apparently being able to talk “like a BBC reporter” works wonders for getting computers to understand you. Then saw TSS and managed to finish a Koko Black Choclate Martini, before wending my way home to sleep (off the chocolate martini and rather irritating headache that comes with the spring pollen-fest. Let’s hear it for antihestamines).

Did nothing this weekend. Went to farmer’s market and bumped briefly into Georgie. I had my knitaholic bag and Magpie in tow to carry Heavy Things. Bag got much attention, so there was some shameless advertising done.

We walked to the Gunghalin Marketplace yesterday evening, having missed the bus there and needing to do some shopping. It was a really pleasant walk, which will be done again, and next time, I shall be taking the camera with me. I really do need to buy a bicycle sometime…

The (long-hand) writing is going at pace. Looking forward to putting it onto computer. To my amusement I’m going to be doing a lot more with Dante, Plato and Milton, as well as PB Shelley and Tollers with regards to aspects of Blake’s epic works. That was in my original PhD submission, but I seemed to be moving away. It’s almost a relief to be coming back to the Theory of Forms, and all the different interpretations of the creation and reasons for the Fall. And the parallels that run through seemingly unrelated works – their only thread of commonality being that the read the same core pieces – which don’t actually contain said parallels is fascinating. It’s good to be back.

The knitting… well, the one row scarf sits hopefully in my bag, to be snuck out for single rows before the desire for self preservation kicks in and it’s dolefully returned to its ziplock back and sulks for being Not Done a bit longer. Another week, perhaps, and then I’ll venture into the world of knitting at an easier pace again.



  1. And thanks from me too – best thing to happen to me all day!

    It’s great that the physio has been helping.

    And yes! You must get a bike! It’s so much fun! And you can get bikes where you don’t lean on your arms too much!

  2. Well thank you, Caffeine Fairy – I’m touched.

    Glad the arms are not as bad. I’m thinking bionics might help – imagine how much knitting you could do with bionic arms. And shelving, what I wouldn’t do for a bionic shelver!

  3. Glad your arms and hands are on the mend, with software and physio help 🙂 Now you can go and test how robust the ‘repair’ is by knitting like mad 😉

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