Lurking… dah dum… dah dum… da dum dum dum dum ….

Sorry, I’ve been lurking. Still itching to knit, and this self-imposed (helped along by guilt trips from the Magpie) ban is really starting to bite. Possibly because I can’t escape from the use of computers or other things I should have breaks from, and my body is telling me all about it. (Sitting with a hot pack across my shoulders – from yet another physio-turned-torture-session. And this was Monday. You don’t want to know about moving and exisiting on Tuesday and Yesterday). But enough of the pity-inducing whining. That’s not what I’m posting for.

The beautiful dayflower scarves that Bells, Georgie, Twitchy Fingers, and the Kuka have been knitting are positively fantabulous. After I finally finish all my commissions, and possibly even my 1 row scarf, I think I’m going to try that myself.

Which reminds me, I need to find out how to add those WIPS bars to my blog… maybe tomorrow. There are, also, photos I need to put up. Tomorrow. But I am still alive! Looking forward to the SnB on Monday in Lyneham. Now, should I mention that I don’t even know where Tilly’s is? And will TSS kill me for saying that?

I think I’m going to go find a map…



  1. oh you poor thing. I would be whining so much.

    I frogged my scarf last night. I’ve been sick and I just screwed it up so badly. I’ll have to start again.

    I’ve wanted those bars too, just never got around to investigating.

    If you need a ride to Tilleys on Monday let me know. I’m not too far from you.


    Blimey – I thought it was a rite of passage for every ANU student to go there. Several times. And the best second hand bookshop in town is right next door…

  3. Unless plans have changed while I wasn’t watching, the SnB on Monday ISN’T at Tilley’s, it’s at The Front Gallery & Cafe on Wattle Street…

    When you’re ready I can send you over some HTML for the progress bars. It be easy 🙂

    Hope your joints and muscles and such like are behaving themselves quick smart!

  4. *cowers from TSS*.

    No, I’ve never been to Tilley’s. I wouldn’t know where to look.

    Jejune – TSS gave me Tilley’s as a ref point to The Front. I know it isn’t there, and Bells, I’ll be coming in from town… Thanks for the offer though. 🙂

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