Melbourne Dreaming

I love Melbourne. I have since the first time I landed there in 2004, exhausted and not a little hungover from a flatmate’s 21st in Wellington the night before, and, needing to be at the airport at 5am for check-in, staying up all night anyway. That trip, I walked the CBD, the nooks and crannies, Bridge Street, Chapel Road, St Kilda… it was the middle of winter, and coming out of the NZ south island winter, I found it tropical. I’ve seen it in summer twice since, but it’s Melbourne in winter that I love.

Of course, I didn’t actually get to see much of it. I was there as a CAVAL trainer, and spent most of my daylight hours stuck in a little room with no windows and severe air con issues, but hey, I had fun, and so did my workshop participants. I did manage to see Fitzroy at night though – went to the Vegie Bar (I think that’s what it’s called), the Black Pearl (an awesome little cocktail bar), Bier de Luxe in the Ian Potter building, Degrave Str (Seriously the best lattes ever there, and a Frenchman who bakes his own baguettes and makes his own butter – his filled baguettes are beautiful). There are photos. They will be put up.

I did, however, manage to pick up 6 balls of Jet in a variegated pink/peach/orange/rust for $3.50 a ball. Not bad at all. This was in a little place called Cleg’s on Elizabeth Street – right opposite my tram stop, where the shop assistant was a lass my age and we spent a good 15 minutes ooh-ing and aahing over all the new Rowan yarn that she was unpacking. (It is fantastic, the summer tweed… I think I will be ordering some), and I see that do postal deliveries. I lamented my wrists and she pulled out her wip – funnily enough a one row scarf in 4 completely different colours of an Italian variegated silk and wool blend, but the start and end colours actually work together quite nicely – she was very chuffed about it. I, was envious.

The trip back was not the nicest, but I do have 4 or 5 emails in my inbox thanking me for a really enjoyable 2 days of workshops. That was payment enough for the past 6 weeks of squawking about like a mad hen, worrying myself ill, and hurting my wrists. So now the prep is done, and I’m on the lecturing circut. That feels good.

But, it is good to be home. I love Melbourne, but I would be so broke living there…

And to top off my day, I dragged myself into the office (I really am still asleep), and Lo! there was a parcel from TSS. A Knitaholic bag. One of the 2 stubborn ones, in fact. There were, admittedly, squees of delight. And now I need to get something going so that I can use it. And use it proudly I shall. Thank you TSS! You rock!

There will be photos… this weekend.



  1. I grew up in Melbourne, so Im with you all the way! Even in winter I love it. *sigh*

    Used to live in Collingwood and the Vegie bar was a regular, yummo. Clegs has been there FOREVER, but I haunted it for fabric (it was before serious knitting). LOL at the one row scarf!!

    Sounds like a great trip.

  2. I was born in Melbourne, but left when I had no choice (when you’re 1 month old your parents just don’t LISTEN to your opinion!). From your write up it sounds like I should definitely plan a visit one day soon!

    Glad you’re back home safe and sound. Congrats on the successful course – always a relief when all that hard prep comes off – and the special bag!

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