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Should not be typing. Just because the shoulder is better doesn’t mean the wrist is. And it’s telling me so today. The looming charcoal clouds and thunder meant that I was running back to the office quick smart from uni. Luck to be inside. Less luck to have everything on computer.

In other news, I’ve got an extra day in Melbourne. Which means one less day for me to prepare. What? Me? Worry? No. You must be mistaken. I swear, it feels like I’m cramming for exams all over again. At least they want to fly me all over the country next year – if I’m not a jibbering wreck at the end of next week.

But for now. I want to be home, on my bed, watching the clouds roll in, drinking tea, and looking forward to next week. Only a few more hours… 🙂



  1. Not long to go now!

    A friend told me about “Thergonomic Hand-Aids”, which I don’t think you can get in Oz, probably an American thing. They’re supposed to be really good support for sore wrists and suchlike. Could be worth hunting down…

  2. If you have the chance you might like to do the ACTION bus survey (about bloody time they did this!) as I know you’re often a hostage of their poor services.

  3. I have done their survey. I have been brutally honest. I hope the actually do something about it.

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