Hilarity ensues

So, I went in for my torture session, and told my physio straight up the amount of pain he has inflicted on me, and what had happened the night before. He blinked a couple of times, and said “maybe we should look at your neck…” yes, maybe we should.

He looked at my neck. And uttered in sheer disbelief. “How can you have so many knots and still be moving?” with great difficulty. He worked on my neck instead of my wrists, and would you believe, dear reader, the lack of pain that now resides in my body? Sure, my wrists are still a little tight, and I’ve suspended my studies for 2 weeks to give everything a bit of a break. And there will be acupuncture as well. But there is relatively no pain now. Just from releasing the knots in my neck. And what I had to go through…

What I want to know is, how can you work on some body’s arms and wrists without knowing where the tension is shifting to, and what may happen from it all? Needless to say, he’s also put me with another physio. I wonder why… But there is now need for exercise and use of my arm muscles (within reason), and strengthening of the tendons in my wrists and forearms (also, within reason). So, when the madness of next week is over – knitting anybody?!

You need to excuse me. I slept last night. Actually slept. There are no anti-inflammatories in my system. Only a wry, dry and very sardonic sense of irony about this little fiasco. And now, I’m going to do some Blake. Screw the metadata for the day. I feel like reading. 🙂

reading:Michael Gamer, Romanticism and the Gothic. Cambridge: CUP, 2000. Cambridge Studies in Romanticism 40
knitting: All projects suspended for the sack of saving wrists. (For a little while)
listening:Young Modern – Silverchair



  1. Enjoy your reading – I’m SO pleased to hear you’re so much better after your physio session… amazing they didn’t notice the neck problems before :/

  2. It’s actually quite shocking that he didn’t even look at my neck until I was complaining about it.

  3. Great news, and so very glad youre back to feeling normal! I thought they always went straight for the neck!!

    enjoy a nice quiet afternoon with Mr Blake.

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