Knitting ban – why me?!

It’s needles down at the moment.

I had a very scary turn last night during the ironing. My right wrist is the sore one, si? I had this ‘click’ in my shoulder and burn all the way from my neck, down my left arm – couldn’t raise it, couldn’t move my neck, couldn’t lie down, couldn’t stand up straight. Was in absolute agony. The Magpie had fallen asleep and couldn’t hear me calling for help. I had to ring his cellphone next to the bed. Two hours later I could actually lie flat and get some sleep. I can move now thanks to anti-inflammatories and a very concerned Magpie, but this is a serious issue. Luckily I’m scheduled for torture with my physio this afternoon… this means another painful week of recovery, but it looks like I’m not going to be using my needles for longer than I thought.

I’d been good – had a break over the weekend – skim read HP – so nobody can spoilt it for me before I can read and enjoy – bring on August 4th. That was funny. Stood in the Border’s line for 30 minutes, gave up, walked past Big W, and there they were… $25 each, and not a soul in sight. Excellent. Had been sorely tempted to go to the sock workshop, but pan-dropping on the Thursday night had put paid to that idea. 😦 Dad’s beanie still isn’t finished, and I’ve a scarf commission when the wool is sent over from the Bendigo Mills.

I guess it’s more rest, more tea, and more warmth for now. The only thing more scary than my physio appointment is going to be my visit to my OSLO person afterwards. It really is going to be a long day.

So no SnB-ing for me tonight. Have fun all, will see what I can do about the next Civic one. Think warm thoughts for me!



  1. Poor thing you, take care and stay warm.

    Let’s try and catch up to hand over sock wool sometime soon – although it looks like socks are waaaaay down your list!

  2. Oh bum!

    Would a glass of wine at 641.21 on Thursday night (and possibly a lift both ways) help at all?

  3. I’m sorry to hear about your muscle / tendon / pain thingies. Sounds highly unpleasant… good luck with your physio. I have a pet physio too – he knows how to cause the most amazing pain. A dubious skill.

    Stay warm and cosy, and rest up.

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