Of waiting for godot…

My poor Magpie. I was up early to be at the airport in time to get him. (He would have just spent 36 hours in planes and transit). But as I got off the bus, my phone rang. He was still in Sydney. And would be until 9 this evening. Yes, there was a blank look and the horror of it all dawned as he explained that whomever had booked the ticket didn’t take the transfer time into account, and Qantas had overbooked their flights today – the next one they could put him on was at 9pm tonight; and they had his luggage in transfer. Lucky for him, I’ve worked in admin before and dealt with travel problems. I booked him on a shuttle leaving at one, and will have him home hours before he would otherwise be here. (I’m feeling very chuffed with myself).

But not quite what I had in mind for my morning (I wanted a quiet morning at home with books at tea. But I’m sitting at uni, waiting for a friend to finish her experiments so I can show her around Kingston and Manuka for lunch. Then I can wait around until I can see the tired Magpie off the bus and straight home. And then I can have my tea and books.

And then, there’s Harry Potter tomorrow morning. Pity a friend spoilt the ending for me. They don’t live on this plane of existence anymore. But still, it’ll be good to say “good-bye” to the Hogwarts saga. To be visited in the future, but the story ends tomorrow. And I’ll be waiting for it. 🙂



  1. I do hope that’s not a spoiler in the last paragraph. If it is, might you consider remoing it, or adding a warning?

  2. Well done on getting a shuttle for Magpie – you deserve to feel chuffed!

    Make sure you buy The Sunday Age this weekend, and do the full-page Harry Potter word search I’ve just written for them!

  3. Country mouse – it’s not a spoiler, don’t worry. I just meant that there will be no more Hogwarts stories (as such). And I hate ending series’s(eses). I get a lump in my throat everytime I finish the Belgaiad and Mallorean… I’m an anti-spoiler person.

    Jjune – I’ll go find me a Sunday Age… sounds like fun! 😀

  4. Lucky I wasn’t planning on reading the Potter book, as the editor from The Age gave me the hidden message (for the puzzle) and it was a spoiler too! Argh.

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