Oh the stupidity… it makes me annoyed.

This is what happens when anti-terrorism goes too far. What about the sick wife and the new born daughter?

All because his second cousin was a failed bomber doesn’t mean he is. Australian law has really turned into a farce with this.



  1. i know! i was just listening to the radio news about how now hes in frickin’ detention! yeah, lets build our own guantanamo and lock up whoever we want!!! outrageous. and good work on the bolonga/oxford thing!! im sure you know the people you need to know, but i know a professor of linguistics at bologna (forli campus) if you need a contact 🙂

  2. Dog whistle politics at it’s best (worst??) – but then that’s what this govt is good at, and it is an election year. I was very disappointed to be an Australian yesterday (now a more often than not feeling, *sigh*). So much for innocent until proven guilty, judicial oversight etc etc.

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