London never sleeps…

Whew. The Londonium beanie is done. It’s pretty much identical to the version to be knitted on larger needles with 10ply – that is a relief. But I’m finicky about having a smooth top to a beanie, so I really should have been decreasing from 20 rows instead of 10. I’ll do that with the next beanie. Once my fingers have recovered, of course. But it looks good, and the magpie will like it. I’m apparently going to do this pattern for his cousin too, so the fingers are going to need to recover. (the needles manage to actually cut the skin… for blunt objects… that’s pretty impressive!)

This is the beanie in profile. I managed the pattern all the was to 2,1,1 (believe me, that’s where the pain was)

This is the detail from the shaping. In hindsight, I should have started decreasing 20 rows out, and in 20 stitch sections, not 10. I’ve learnt my lesson. (It still looks good though).

This is what it looks like on my fairly small head. It’s knitted for a larger skull than I have, so while it slips over my eyes, it will fit the Magpie very nicely. I started it on the 6th, and it took ten days of mainly knitting on the bus and a few rows before bed, so I’m impressed. The original version would have taken a quarter of the time, but not have been nearly as fine or as detailed, so it was worth it. Comissioned pieces that are done with love in every stitch are always the rewarding ones. I just hope that it is liked as much as the other one… :/

It’s a slow day today. I have to hang around for the training session this afternoon. Not that much fun when you work mornings and have schoolwork to do. And there’s nothing for me to do at the moment… heck. I should just pull out my books and study. Yes. I think I will.

reading:XML course notes for CAVAL
knitting: Not. Fingers need to recover.
listening:Catatonia – Londonium



  1. ooh nice! now that would be fibonacci in three colours – of course i have no idea how to make that work but would like to know – any tips?

  2. that’s fantastic. I love it. I loved it when I saw it at the show. Pattern please!!!! I love a fine gauge and this will be something I’ll definitely make.

  3. The fine gauge looks brilliant – great job! Hope your poor sore hands recover soon, so you can go and hurt them again 😉

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