Can you say… tropical?!

Not impressed. This was before my morning meeting. I’ve just checked again. 1.6 degrees. >.< And apparently a top of 5 and snow on Wednesday. Feck. Anyway. It happens. I escaped the Dunedin weather… and I see its decided to follow me here. The Magpie says London’s sweltering, but he’s just going to Wigmore Hall and the Tate Britain. “For you” he says. Meanwhile, she glowers at the phone. I’ll see it soon enough, I just need to be more patient. He misses the cold. Well, I’m sure it will give him a warm welcome when he gets home at the end of the week.

I’m nearly finished the Londonium beanie. Photos to follow tomorrow – of the rows before decreasing and the finished product. I’ve noticed that I’m now getting knitting callouses again. This makes me somewhat proud. I know my grandmother would be. They’re from her needles after all. The pattern will go up by the end of the week too. Then, it’s finishing the beanie for Dad (on 5mm dpms – and honestly, after 2.5mms, I’ve flown through the first 25 rows. Won’t take me long on Wednesday to finish that one.)

Saw Harry Potter and the OOTP on Sunday. There have been mixed reviews. But considering the book was well over 800 pages (870 to be exact) – to squash all that in to a 2 and a half hour film was a testament to the directors. Of course, there were several fairly significant omissions, which I found interesting. But there were a few things they decided to keep in, which I thought they may not, and that was also quite somethinng. But Harry was far less angsty – or dare I say it – emo than in the book. This was a big plus for the movie. For what it is, it wasn’t too bad. But the book will always be better. 🙂 Saw previews to Stardust – which I really can’t wait to see. Love the book and Neil Gaiman gave his seal of approval for the movie, so it can’t be all that bad. La Vie en Rose the story about Edith Piaf, which looks devastatingly tragic and wonderful at the same time, and Evening, which I’m going to see. There’s no doubt about it.

So, a busy little weekend. The CAVAL stuff will be done this week, and then I can go back to my Blake studies and the joys of the gothic with some relief before going down to Melbourne to teach it.

Will pop back to the exhibition again to have another look this week. It’s going to be great. But for now, I have my heater under the desk and hot chocolate, and time to see if anybody needs a reference librarian… 🙂

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Knitting: Londonium beanie – Bluebell 5 ply on 2.5mm circs. Nearly done!!!