K1B1… cool.

So it was the Knit 1 Blog 1 opening last night, and much fun was had by all, methinks. Me, not being that snap-happy because there was knitting in hand… and a peter alexander bag in the other. But there’s always some to show off.

TSS was there – her bags are gorgeous, you can see from her photos. She was justifiably smug, there was a very good turn out of TSS bags, and Trudy Bunny also was given quite a bit of attention during the opening.

And here’s Jejune and Bells. Jejune, looking lovely with her beautiful scarf – how she could still be awake and standing after such a week is a sign of true strength! I could never have made it. And Bells (happy birthday!!!) doesn’t look nearly as nervous as she had been when she realised that her blog was on display. (Eeep! anybody?)

The exhibition was lovely – you could touch a lot of the stuff, and, of course, Beatlewear‘s stuff was quite simply, magic. Also got to put names to faces – meeting When she knits, and finally(!) the illustrious Ampersand Duck, who writes beautifully, and has a blog I’ve haunted for years, quite simply because the name kept coming up in Letterpress circles, and I enjoyed the writing after that!

In other news, the Magpie’s talk went magnificently well, and now he’s picked up a strange liking for obscure and depressing folk music. *shrugs*. But it was a very tired bird I spoke to this morning, and he’s off to the otherside of London for a few days. his cousin has promised me wool, and I’d like to see it happen.

I’m now going to attempt some more of my londonium beanie (pattern to be posted when I’m finished it) – the forearm was getting a little tight last night. Hmmm… it’s getting to the point where the rows of colour are now 8 or less, and that means I’m nearly done… I just want to knit! But real life intrudes. Maybe I’ll get some more done this evening.

(Also, I bought the new Silverchair album last night. I’m very impressed. Particularly with “reflections of sound” and “if you keep losing sleep”. Check it out if you can.)

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  1. Yay! Shopping Sherpa gave me your address, and I’m equally glad to meet you. Sorry I was so vague last night!

  2. great photos! Thanks for those. Was a great night. Looking forward to your beanie pattern.

  3. Nice bunch of pics – I don’t know how I was standing either, but I was damned if I was going to miss the opening! It was lovely to see you too 🙂

    Glad the Magpie’s talk went well, but am a bit concerned about this folk music thing – we can pull him out of it, we can, if we work together! Don’t give up! LOL!

  4. Yay! I completely understand the vagueness, &Duck. It was quite an overwhelming night for all of us!

    The beanie pattern will be up by Friday. 🙂

    And yes Jejune, I’m very concerned about this new found love of folk music. I think I have a crusade now. *gathers all rock music in preparation to convert….* {evil grin}

  5. CF, don’t panic, your requested yarn is safely sequestered elsewhere! Away from the mitts of the others 😉 I’ve been meaning to email to try and meet up for an exchange….promise cross my heart to do so tonight. Havent forgotten you sweets 😉

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