Happy Music meme

TSS posted an interesting entry the other day, which got me thinking – this is a good idea. And she did say the word meme, so that makes it alright.

My happy songs…

The harmony in the reprise gives me goosbumps in a good way, but I really do love this song. And Eddie Vedder… well. need I say more?

Because I’ve lived away from parents and loved ones for so long, this song always rings true. Also one of their best. (Big call, but I think so)

Now don’t laugh, but this song got me through an MLIS, a whole lot of really down times, and it got me a PhD scholarship. My brother’s equivalent is Michael Bolton’s go the distance (and it got him far), it’s all about positive thinking. Also, I love the movie.

And finally – just to show how wacky my taste is –

I love that it’s given from the different povs, but it’s a goofy happy song and I can’t be in a bad mood after hearing it.

So yes. Very diverse, there could be so many more, but these are at the top of my playlist at the moment. 🙂

(for dial up users)
Stuff and Nonsense – Tim and Neill Finn – live at St James with Eddie Vedder
Home Again – Shihad
I will get there – Boyz II Men (Prince of Egypt OST)
It’s all been done – Barenaked Ladies




  1. We’re big fans of the Barenaked Ladies too – first came across them in 1994 when we lived in the States. Good Canandian band! And you know about my kids’ obsession with Shihad already 😉

  2. Love the barenaked ladies. The lyrics are just so random!

    As for shihad, yes, yes I know. I’m curious about what their favourites are. 🙂

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