It’s the Magpie’s big talk this evening. (Well, morning in the UK), and I’m excited for him. He’s spent the week re-writing it to fit (he was under the impression that the talk was to be 20 minutes with 10 for questions… no, it’s 20 minutes all up. Ouch). So finally, the big day will dawn. And he’ll finish around the same time as I’ll be catching the bus home from the Knit 1 Blog 1 opening. Really looking forward to seeing what’s there. And the knitting needle bangles… *heaven*

Had an interesting conversation with my Convenor today. She gave me a funny look when I rashly announced that I would be giving a talk at Oxford in January. She recommended Bologna in March with a 6 week exchange to Oxford (instead of a whole 3 days.) So, I’d get to see Europe in the Spring. I can live with that. It’s also around the time that the Magpie will be thinking about shifting down to Melbourne to stay with his family while he writes up and I’ll be looking for a place upon returning. This should be interesting. And its all much sooner than one would think. Scary, isn’t it?

Anyway, this is my lunch break, so I’d best find lunch. Hope to see many of you tonight at the opening.

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