Procrastination. Day off from work, Thank God – I had physio on the wrist yesterday which had me in tears when I got home. My arm was completely useless and there was no Magpie to make me feel better. A sleepless night ensued, before being roused from a somewhat hazy doze with a phone call from the UK, where the Magpie is making lots of friends and having the time of his life. Not something I could handle, I’m afraid. Not after dropping the frying pan (thankfully with nothing in it, and no harm to floor or frying pan), and being completely incapable of actually taking the bins out. I managed, in the end. The poor boy, I make him feel so bad for having fun when I’m miserable, and I really don’t want to do that. He’s found a community of like-minded mathematicians for the first time in his academic career, and he has me bemoaning my poor fortune in the cold, inaccessible, other-side-of-the-world.

So, I came into school with the intention of getting at least one of the courses I have to teach finished. Not going to happen tonight, I’m afraid. There are so many brick walls with regards to demo licenses so that I can actually see what I’m supposed to be teaching, that really, this is fast becoming a very, very poor excuse for a joke. I should just write up my teaching notes and leave the PowerPoints at a bare minimum. In fact, I think I may just do that. The frustrating thing is sitting at my desk with books and post-it notes on all these tantalising Blake trails I need to pursue, and I’m working on OpenURL talks. *sigh*. So much for the promised support I was assured I would have from these people. My pleas have fallen on deaf ears – not a word and I cried for help on Friday!

Anyway, what a rant this is turning out to be. I just really want to go home to my parents and the relative *warmth* of New Zealand. Isn’t that just a sucky thing to say? I know I’m being silly – very silly – but it really just seems to have been one thing after another lately. And I’m not quite sure why.

But, I’m tired, and I quite possibly just needed to vent. Knitting’s out of the question for at least another day or so, but I am really looking forward to the Knit 1 Blog 1 exhibition on Friday evening. Even if it’s a closed event (which I’m sure it’s not), I’d be gatecrashing, Lulu-styles. And the wrist is still incredibly sore. Typing’s a pain with this thing on, and pain’s in a different place when it’s off. *sighs*


There. I promise not to do that for quite a while now. Scout’s Honour.

Reading: NISO. (2004). Understanding Metadata. Bethesda, MD: NISO Press.
Listening:Always Be Mine – Tadpole
Knitting:Londonium Beanie – 3.75in in Patons Bluebell 5ply on 2.5mm circs (older than I am)



  1. Oh you poor bugger. It’s all just too much. Perfectly reasonable to want be at home.

    Friday is definitely all-comers! Look forward to seeing you.

  2. its too horrible to contemplate that your wrist is even too sore for you to knit away the frustrations of ‘academia’ – i put that in quotations marks because sometimes it really is little more than a sheltered workshop! hope you get some resolution tho.

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