Without much further ado – some photos:

First up – the “That chocolate has gone straight to your ribs” beanie, modelled by my former flatmate, who is evidently chuffed with it. Right length and everything.

Next, halfway in the fibonacci beanie – excuse the bad light.

And finally, the finished fibonacci beanie, on the Magpie at the bustop en route to the airport. It is being proudly being worn at a cominatorics conference in the UK (why he’s doing so in the middle of summer, I have no idea), and is reportedly very popular.

Now, some more metadata work. 🙂

Reading: SFX guide to OpenURL 1.0
Listening: She Will Have Her Way CD (Missy Higgins – Stuff and Nonsense)
Knitting: Black beanie 2. Although, I found another really nice pattern, so it might get frogged and restarted. Watch this space.



  1. nice work! I particularly love the fibonacci beanie. Did you have a pattern or just make it up?

  2. I love the fibonacci too (but its waaaay too early for me to dredge through my memory as to exactly how the fib sequence went!). I love the colours.

  3. Great to see photos of happy beanie wearers! I bet the Magpie is wearing his Fibonacci beanie cos he’s at a conference all about counting stuff (am I right?) – they’d all GET it, and he can show it off and get ‘I’m so into numbers, I’ve got a Fibonacci hat’ points 🙂

  4. Yes Jejune – that’s it. And there are a number of UQ mathematicians there and they think its great.

    The Fib sequence is 1,1,2,3,5,8,13,21, etc, and the pattern shows the sum of the two previous numbers. I modified a simple beanie pattern for smaller needles and thinner yarn, and just used the colours in the number sequence and it actually turned out really, really well. 🙂

    I’ve oodles left over, and so I’ve modded another beanie pattern and I’m doing it backwards, so it goes 21 Dark Blue, 13 Grey, 8 Light Blue, 13 DB, 8 G, 5 LB, 8 DB, 5 G, 3 LB, etc, etc. I actually like it more than that one, which was a really rushed job! 🙂

    I should just write up the patterns and post them. 🙂

  5. The Fib sequence beanie is great. Should get your beanies and Jejunes fib socks together and see what happens.

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