I’m still here! It’s just been hectic. The Magpie flew off to the UK this morning, so it was 2 hours at the airport and I hate good-byes. His family was in Melbourne so he flew down there on Monday and back yesterday. One grump Magpie – too many distractions and no conference talk written. But, there’s more than enough time on the plane, and I made sure everything was packed so he didn’t have to worry about that. But all I can say is thank God for waterproof mascara! :p

The challenge before he left was to make up a pattern and finish a merino knit beanie (I ended up using Patons Bluebell 5ply in grey, baby blue and navy on 2.5mm circs and dpns) – in a Fibonacci sequenced pattern – I finished it at 3am this morning after a nightmare with the needles and the damned thing twisting three times on me. But I have enough to make him another one… in reverse, so to start at 21, then 13, 8, 5, 3, 1 and may even have wool to spare. Of course, I won’t have a 5 day deadline and everything else to do so it may just work. I got a photo of it when we were at the bus stop this morning, and will post it when I’m at school – not work. Which reminds me, I’ve got me a job! Just for a little while, mind you – but I’m currently a law librarian at JACS and loving it. (Thanks AM!).

The knitting has kept me busy. Finished another beanie (this time in Zhivago – black and light blue, on 4.5mm circs and dpns) for a former kiwi flatmate on a whistlestop trip to Sydney. And was taken by Jenn to Tapestry Craft, where she rescued me from yarn fumes and bought my some 2.5mm bamboo dpns to help foster what is to become my sock addiction. Jenn is another awesome librarian who does a lot of stuff with kids books and such in Sydney, and it is she who introduced me to Knitty and Voodoo wristwarmers and other such diabolical delights. Hadn’t seen her in years, and it was wonderful to pick up where we left off – clothes, wool and books. How wonderful!

The planned buy-me-wool-and-let-me-keep-the-remainder-and-I’ll-knit-you-something deal is working out really well. I have orders waiting, and luckily the RSI’ed wrist can handle knitting, but I think I needs a bit of a break after the marathon beanie (176 stiches, 100 rows, 3 colours, 4 restarts, 1 pair of broken circs, 12 dropped stiches rescued – curse broken needles – and heaven only knows how many hours of work later.) But he is chuffed with it, and I like it. The next one will be better though. Now, I just have to finish that other beanie for Dad, the one that I haven’t touched since the SnB Woden night… yeah. That’s in my bag now. Study’s going well. Work is buzzing along, as I’m still picking everything up. And knitting’s happening. Now to keep my sanity for the next two weeks as I start preparing teaching notes for Metadata in Melbourne, and conference abstracts for Blake.

Yes, I am a bust little bee, and yes, I love it. 😀

Have a good weekend ya’ll. I’m back on the RADAR. J

Reading:Westlaw teaching notes
Music: Saturday Night – Cat Stevens (stuck in my head)
Knitting: “That Chocolate’s gone straight to your ribs” beanie in Zhivago – Black and White, 4.5mm circs (bamboo – I want addi turbo’s!!!).


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  1. My goodness, you ARE a busy bee! Congrats on the new job, and catching up with friends, and knitting successes – I made Fibonacci socks for my hubby – it’s a great stripe pattern, isn’t it.

    Glad to hear your RSI wrist is behaving itself. Hope Magpie’s trip goes well!

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