So we’ve moved! And we have enough space to swing two cats! In fact, I think there will be a day of hand painting wool in my garage when the weather gets warmer! I have a crock pot, a very nice microwave, and a *huge* washing machine which has a very nice wool cycle. (Now I can felt too… huzzah!)

The Magpie’s mother gifted us with some money so we went and bought cutlery and crockery sets and a nice Scanpan pot to go with the cleaver I got him for his birthday (yes, he does like shiny things, and he also likes to match his brands… I have much to teach that man). And his lovely DA, who helped us shift, gave us a dining room table… huzzah! Furniture!

While the upside is having a lovely, sunny, place to live, furnishing it is going to be expensive. My poor wool stash (or lack thereof) is going to stuffer, methinks. Lucky I’ve got my squares to work on! (I’m wondering how soon I’m going to be bored stiff on them…)

But at least I can now read and study without stressing too much. My desk got a serious spring clean today. A ordered desk is an ordered mind, after all! Now, home to make pasta! That’s right. from scratch. I’ve missed it! 😀

And to end, two parakeets in a tree outside the bus stop in Palmerston… aren’t they cute?!

Reading: Colin Jones and Dror Wahrman – The Age of Cultural Revolutions: Britain and France, 1750-1820. – Berkley & London: U California P, 2002.
Knitting: Waterlily Square #3 – 30st X 30rows garter stitch on 5mm needles.
Listening: Home Again – Shihad



  1. Ah the never ending black hole of setting up house! Have you a list of the stuff you need that you can share. I don’t have much going but I often hear of stuff available. Also, get yourself onto the Freecycle Canberra Yahoo Group.

  2. Congrats on the successful move – oh, for a garage… now I’m jealous 😉

    I’ll second the suggestion to get onto the Freecycle gropu. We got dining chairs via the group, and also found new homes for lots of stuff we didn’t need any more.

    My kids are huge Shihad fans, BTW, and have seen them in concert several times (next time will be the June long weekend, in Sydney).

  3. Shihad are playing in Sydney?!

    I’ve seen them in Dunedin and Wellington, and love them to bits!

    Will see what I can do about this freecycle group… *heads off in search of said group*

  4. fantastic! Congrats!

    Oh and I see nothing wrong with matching brands. I love my scanpan set!

  5. Here’s the Shihad concert details :
    Come Together. Shihad are playing on Sunday 10th June, and both my kids will be there!

    Shihad also played in Canberra only a few months ago, at The Venue in Tuggers. They do get around!

    My son Rodg was rung up by Jon Toogood a few years ago, as he had offered to put Shihad concert posters around town, so Jon called him to see how many he needed! I think the call was the highlight of Rodg’s year!

  6. Jon Toogood is a complete nutter. I worked for the university’s social activities group which organised Shihad’s concert in Dunedin, and was one of the crew that played host to the guys. I now have a signed poster, and a conviction that they’re all certifiably insan!! 😀

    I didn’t know there was much of a following here in Aussie. That’s fantastic!

  7. My son’s now corrected me – it was Tom who called, not Jon (not that it makes much difference 😉

    Yeah, I think you’re probably right on the insanity front! LOL!

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