I missed the celebration of wool, which was devastating. Of course, the secret stash of cash I had horded for the event was swallowed up but a bond (but hey,I’ve got a house!), and the buses were not playing ball – by the time I would have made it there, all the good stuff would have been gone! Taph assures me that there may also be some jewels at the Creative Fibre day on the 8th of July… and I may have to investigate to see what they do have.

I did, however, make it to the SnB at Civic, and was able to see some of the gems that were found in the overload I was told all about. I have resolved to learn to knit lacework in my sleep and also socks before next year – then fun will be seriously had. (cue the devilish laugh).

The rest has been checking first year students’ use of the Harvard citation style (or lack thereof) for the Magpie as he wades through piles of unintelligable essays. Oh, and buying fridges and washing machines.This is going to be fun!

Anyway, the Magpie is awake from his nap, and I have a pot of Snow Dragon tea to consume.

Until tomorrow. 🙂


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  1. I promise there will be things of beauty in July. I’m emailing Waratah Fibres now and asking her to bring the drop spindles as well as her fibres.

    Glad to see you looking well.

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