Our short trip to Gungahlin to sign the lease yesterday turned into a four-hour detour as we took the wrong bus and had to walk there from the other side of Amaroo, and then our agent was walking out to an appointment as we finally arrived. Anyway, signed, sealed, and the place is ours. (Next stop after signing our lives away – we went to see what we got without hordes of others walking through too). And it’s pretty darn big. So big in fact, that I’m almost considering investing in a spinning wheel and learning to spin, so that I can have a dedicated knitting and spinning corner. ๐Ÿ™‚

Anyway, this is a general shout out – we have the essentials – you know – glassware, tea cups and a teapot, a bed, and Magpie’s made the arrangements to get a fridge, washing machine and those appliancey sorts of things. But that is the sub-total of everything we have – so if anybody has anything – bookshelves, desks, chairs, drawers, cutlery, crockery, etc, that you intended to ship off to the Salvos*, we would be more than happy to look after it in the interim while we save up to buy our own furniture and stock. (And we will be happy to sent it on to the Salvos ourselves). *We call them the sallies in NZ, so I’m getting used to this new term. ๐Ÿ™‚

Anything would be appreciated. You can get hold me of either through the notes here, or at arwenamin (at) gmail (dot) com. There will be cake/cookies/yummy stuff of the food variety in repayment.

In knitting news, I’m trying my luck with the waterlily yarn again… this time in a simple garter stitch on 5mm needles instead of 7mm or 12mms – the wool has not complained yet – which is a relief. It seems to have wanted to be a tighter stitch than I had originally planned, but the colours look good! so that’s my in-the-handbag project at the moment. it won’t be when it gets too long, but for now, it’s just right.

As you can see, the colours sort of meld into each other, so that I have patches of hunter green, grass green, turquoise, aquamarine and specks of white. I sound like a rather proud mother hen. But this is my baby. I feel justified in my smugness! ๐Ÿ™‚

Also, in health news, I’ve been able to cut back on the cortisone, and am actually feeling better than I have in months. Yay! (Having steady rain to sleep to is also a soothing medicine for the soul). It’s still going! I’ve just had to go buy an umbrella. This one was just so cheery – it had to be bought. Just to brighten up these grey days!

The magpie and friend have just called to go find some coffee. So I shall away.
Have wonderful weekends all – and I’ll see you bright and early on Sunday morning!

Reading: T.S. Eliot – The Sacred Wood: Essays on Poetry and Criticism. London: Methune, 1920.
Knitting: Waterlily Scarf ver.7.0 (8ply crepe on 5mm needles/30 stitches until I run out of wool).
Listening: the Prince of Egypt OST (currently – ‘Playing with the big boys now’)



  1. Thanks TSS!

    That desk is beautiful. It’s actually the sort of thing I’m looking for me – A writing desk with shelves! HOw much would you want for it?

  2. Congrats on the signed lease and improved health!

    I’ll have a look around our palce to see what we have surplus to requirements – I’m always trying to declutter (the challenge of fitting a family of 4 grown ups in a small 3 bedroom place with no garage…). Could be some crockery and stuff like that.

    Love the scarf and umbrella ๐Ÿ™‚

  3. HI

    I’m wondering waht standard of stuff you really need?/

    Do you want old vinyl chairs and mismatched crockery?

    Surely you have something to eat off now??

    I have quite a lot of stuff that needs to go. so I could start worting – but waht sort of things do you really need?

    (came here via Shopping Sherpa)

  4. Hi Seepi –

    Old chairs and rickety tables are pretty much in demand, as well as desks/shelves, anything really.Furniture is in big demand.

    I think I’m going to be well stocked in the crockery/cutlery department.


  5. OK – will check the garage.

    I gave a lot of furniture to Hackett Preschool Fete last year, but I think some chairs remain.

    Also – we have a very large and very ugly white chipboard bookcase. It is also very heavy. Would you be interested?

    – Hackett preschool fete is on in June sometime – might be good for furniture if you still want any by then.

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