So cortisone has become my new friend. The bubbling feeling in my chest is still a little disconcerting, but I am alive enough to function and work. huzzah! Upping my dosage has done the trick – but whether it’s actually masking the symptoms or relieving them is another story. I’m feeling better, I’ll leave it at that.

The house hunt continues, we saw a lovely place on the weekend, and are now waiting with baited breath to find out if we have the chance. The one seen the previous weekend was actually taken off the rental market completely and has not been seen again. So, we count our losses and carry on… My only concern is (showing my priorities here…) that I may miss the yarn festival on Saturday, *shock horror*, and I’ve been looking forward to reams of yarn first thing in the morning for months now.

Which reminds me… my hand painted yarn is being stubborn. I got 3/4 of the way through my cheat’s lace scarf and realised that it quite simply did not want to be a big-needle scarf. Nor, it seems, does it want to be a single rib scarf on 6mm needles. In fact, I’ve come to the conclusion that it does not want to be a scarf of any persuasion (this after starting over 7 times in 4 hours). So I’ve balled it all up and am waiting for it to tell me what it want to be… a shawl, or a bag, or a hat? I think it’s sulking because I didn’t listen to it in the first place. I may have to talk nicely to it, and listen to what it has to say. The second pair of fetching gloves have been put into a box with the bear – I made sure that it was airy, and not before there were many cuddles good-bye – and sent over the seas and far away to mom as a belated mothers’ day gift. So now, I have no more project and stubborn yarn.. and a jumper pattern in dire need of being knitted. See? This is why I need a house so that I go glut myself on yarn on Saturday. *sighs*

Anyway, I will quietly admit that I watched my first bits and bobs of Eurovision *ever* on Saturday and Sunday. I liked the German and Slovenian entries, although Georgia’s wasn’t too bad, but I can’t begrudge Serbia the win. I did get bored and cheat – googling to see who had won so I didn’t have to watch everything. And the British commentator needs to get a sense of humour and stop being such a sore loser. I couldn’t believe such whinging on international television!

But now its on with the hunt. I’m catching up on all the podcasts that I haven’t listened to yet, and stacking up ideas. Mom sent me a care package with some knitting and cr***et patterns instead of my stash. I think she intends to keep it for herself and let me start afresh. What a pity. Anyway, the knitting patterns are for some knee rugs whipped up on patons loopy and 12mm needles. Hmmm… I’ll put those on file methinks, but they are some interesting patterns – maybe one day, when I feel like indulging in some patons wool, I will. I’ve got my ACT library card, but can’t set up my online account, so I’ll be sorting that out and scouring knitting and cookery books in the next few days for ideas and inspiration – the Magpie fell in love with a set of 4 David Vin Chinese tea cups at The Tea Centre while we were in replenishing the stash, so I have a birdcage and magnolia theme in white and magenta to play with. I’m thinking black, white and shades of grey or hunter green here… But I’m getting ahead of myself. I don’t have a kitchen to fill or a house to set up yet.

Well, I’ve been out of the office for two weeks now, and I need to get back into it. I’ve been lurking on bloglines and reading up on everybody’s comings and goings and I hope things are moving along at a nice clip. Jejune – I love that scarf – such a bright colour, but it must be so soft!

My Mandarin Oolong tea calls to me.

Until next time. I’ll be more disciplined in my updates now, I promise. 🙂



  1. TSS and I were discussing the need to educate the young in the ways of Eurovision over lunch today. A workshop is perhaps needed. You must understand it’s history to fully appreciate the experience.

    Good news, Caffeine Fairy – the wool day is on SUNDAY. Can you make it on Sunday?

  2. I must also preview my posts before hitting the send button. Apologies for the crap use of an apostrophe.

  3. Sunday?! Yes! Happiness! That has just made my week all the more complete!!!

    Thank you oh bearer of brilliant news!!!

  4. So relieved to hear you’re feeling better, although cortisone is a scary med – hope you don’t have to take it for too long, or only occasionally, or in low doses… (((hugs))).

    Glad you like my scarf – yes, it is pretty soft 🙂 Haven’t given it an airing in public yet – maybe today! Unless Lulu nicks it, of course…

    Yeah, Eurovision is a *special* thing, and Terry Wogan has been there forever, with his dry satirical comments – all part of the fun. Must have a Eurovision party one of these days…

    Donna-Lee (the manager of The Tea Centre) is a good friend of mine (mainly cos I used to go there every week!) – lovely woman, lovely shop, beautiful tea pots and cups, YUMMY tea (Monk and Amaretto are the faves in our house).

    And what can I say – good luck finding a place – Canberra’s rental market is totally f****d at the moment. Fingers crossed for you!

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