So the doctor’s decided that it could be asthma and not bronchiectasis since the antibiotics didn’t work. Ah. Anyway, it’s still the same inhaler, only now I need to fork out quite a bit for x-rays and a respiratory specialist. *sweatdrops* Mom was an absolute angel to a sobbing and slight hysterical me this morning. I think I’m always going to be a scared little 6 year old to her when I get sick, no matter how old I am. Besides, not being in the same country – well, it was the same when I wasn’t even on the same island for my entire undergrad career- must be as difficult for her as it is me when I’m like this. Poor mom, she does deserve the Bear, and so much more as well.

So due to these recent developments, my scarf takes number one priority on the needles (dratted darning needle is nowhere to be found so I can’t finish those fetching gloves… yet. And it was my favourite. 😦 oh well, c’est la vie.) If this upped dose for my inhaler actually works, I should be feeling better and out and about in no time. At least it’s been narrowed down to one of two things. Now just to get the strength up.

Speaking of strength, the magpie has a farewell after kempo this evening, and has promised to return with Butter Chicken for me. I don’t care what time he gets back, I haven’t had butter chicken in ages and I miss the stuff. (Who said comfort food doesn’t help you feel better?) And I’ve copious amounts of steaming hot rooibos tea in the interim. (And the extended LOTR, which I haven’t watched in years… it’s mythology… helping me to formulate ideas about my mythology chapter). Mmmmm… Diver Dan, oh I mean Faramir… I mean… argh! Just bring out the eyecandy!

But on a note that cheered me up, a fellow lj-blogger posted this for the wider community to enjoy. Now I warn you, it is CSI Miami related, and will be appreciated by both those who love and loathe the show (I loathe it, but this explains exactly why). Very funny, and work friendly (as long as you have the sound turned down or headphones).

Back to the needles. I want this scarf finished tonight. 🙂



  1. Oh you poor bugger. EVERYONE wants their Mum when their sick – trust me.

  2. Sherpa – I picked this baby up in cold dark, dank Dunedin. :p I’m hoping the warmth may cancel out the dankness, but yes… I found out after I got here about the allergy thingy. Oh well, I can’t escape.

  3. Glad you’ve got some more answers as to what’s going on… and thank heavens for phones. I’ve been thinking this week how much I’m going to miss my Dotter when she leaves home (some years off still) – as difficult and messy as she is at times, there’s all that ‘women’s chat’ that just doesn’t happen with blokes, as much as you may love them!

    MMmmmm, butter chicken – sounds wonderful. Hope you’re on the mend bloody soon 🙂

  4. Fingers crossed you’re getting closer to the solution for your ills, poor thing.

    Mums and comfort food have a very important role – modern western medicine is only half the picture!

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