Magpie sent me to bed before he left for uni this morning, and unlike other days where I have been sent to bed, I’ve actually stayed here (minus trips to the kitchen for more tea, and trips to the cd player to change the music). That tells me something. I really do need to have a rest. I actually slept last night, but a mad dash for the ringing phone at 9 this morning (and I still missed it) negated all restful-ness earned. grrr.

Anyway, I have had time to do something about my sidebar, and added some podcasts to my playlist. I re-acquainted myself with Stash and Burn, which I discovered towards the end of my MLIS dissertation after talking with my supervisor about knitting podcasts, and just have just begun to listen to Cast On, which is very entertaining. The second glove the of the send Fetching pair is nearly finished… now all I need to do is find out where I put my darning needle… Then the waterlily scarf can be completed and the matching gloves or beret can be put onto my needles.

Yarn Festival at the Bus Depot in a few weeks time… looking forward to that. I think that means I need to be saving some money and soon.I’m very impressed at how patient I’m being about acquiring wool for that Giraffe with Bendigo now online and all… I may even end up splurging at both, but that won’t help set up shop when a place to live is finally found. (Still waiting for a phone call – good or bad – from the estate agent, but not nearly as desperately as the Magpie is.)

The background to Blakean mythology is also scattered around me in Moleskines and post-it notes, and after this, I think I’ll endeavor to get them into some pattern, coherent or not, I don’t know, but at least it will be in a single chunk of writing. Now, this entry is getting awfully rambly, but before I disappear to get some more tea and write – check out the new KnitWiki, in which Jejune has been posting entries about the yarn shops in the ACT. The wiki is fantastic, and can only get better!

More later, stuff to do slowly now! 🙂

reading: My Blake notes
knitting: Glove 2/Fetching 2; Waterlily Scarf
listening: Loreena McKennit – Skellig


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  1. hey, someone else who listens to Stash and Burn! I haven’t heard a lot of talk about it yet but I quite enjoy it. Have been a lover of Cast on for a long time. It’s worth checking out older shows if you have time.

    Looking forward to the Bus Depot markets day in a few weeks. Yes, need cash for stash!

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