Hmmmm… at the office again seeing if I can get things done, and failing. I think this is a perfect excuse to go home and knit some more.

The weekend comprised knitting on buses en route to open homes, one of which has just had an application for tenancy submitted. Fingers crossed. It’s a neat little townhouse with lots of sun (especially in the winter), and a lounge which just begs to have a comfy hair in the corner surrounded by wool and needles. Its at the top of Ngunnawal, which is my only reservation, but if we get it, I won’t complain, if not, we’ll carry on looking. It was exhausting though, and my Magpie’s insistence that I stay home and rest today fell on deaf ears. I think I hear an “I told you so” on the horizon. The meds also seem to have failed me, so it’s back to the doctor’s waiting rooms for a diabolical amount of time on Thursday. I want to be better, dammit!

In better news though (fantastic, even) – the university has decided to give me more money… they’ve doubled my scholarship, to a more respectable sum of 20k pa, which helps enormously with the stress, but I suspect may not help fund the wool addiction. So, a job is still needed. And then wool shall comfortably be bought.

My mother has also decided to return to the knitting bandwagon. I left my beloved 15mm giant needles at home for her, and she’s found some sort of pattern for which they have a use other than scarves and lacy knee rugs. Apparently I will see the pattern fairly soon, which may be interesting. Actually, it sounds like I may see many patterns, the likes of which I had been told to keep my grubby paws off, but now may be passed on. Huzzah!

My mother’s day present should be finished this evening. I ended up frogging what I had done, and adapting the Fetching pattern to include and extra cable row along the wrist to fit more snugly. Number two should be done this evening and can then be sent across the ditch along with Slacker Jr – who may not yet make it into the parcel. However will he breathe if I do send him to my mother? That’s just Cruelty To Bears.

I mean honestly… how could you part with a bear with a face like that?

But I should best be heading to the relative quiet of the south of the city so I may knit and watch Firefly and try to actually be still for a while in order to get better! Hope the weekend was quiet and relaxing and that knitting was done with some contentment.

knitting: Fetching pair #2. Glove #2; Waterlily scarf.
reading: Tenancy application forms
listening: Love your ways – Salmonella Dub.


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  1. Fingers crossed on your house, I hate the whole renting roundabout, dont even get me started!

    HOO-RAY that you have more $$, I’m so thrilled for you! Well done.

    Its well documented that bears can hold their breath for days at a time, so don’t feel bad about sending him eastwards. And Im sure you can negotiate visitation rights, or maybe a photo emailed every so often 😉

    Hope you’re feeling better soon, poor thing 😦

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