Picture post! Since I’m at home on a self-imposed day-in-bed to counter my sickness and subsequent desire to clean everything in sight when I am home, I am sitting quietly, drinking rooibos, reading articles and trying to finish some concocted cuffs (see below) to get off to mom in time for Mother’s Day with the care package I need to send her.

This also means I can finally picture post. So here goes!

The two remaining skeins and one ball not being used yet from my first attempt at hand-painting wool. Very chuffed (and forgive, my camera does funny things…)

The one ball of hand-painted wool already knitted up in a Cheat’s Lace Scarf, and another ball recently attached.

My finished fetching gloves, before I washed them – the Silkroad DK Aran washed beautifully too.

And my Mom’s Cuffs concoction so far. Will post photos as the pattern progresses.

Anyway, it was a weekend of house hunting and Aldi store discovery. And also rest. But now, I need more tea and to stop procrastinating and finish this article!


Knitting: Waterlily Scarf, Mom’s Cuffs.
Reading: Jon Mee, Dangerous Enthusiasm: Introduction, Oxford: OUP, 200? (I photocopied the intro, the book’s at my office).
Listening: Sacred Love, Sting.



  1. Scarf is looking lovely and your Fetchings have finished off beautifully too. Love that Silkroad Aran!

    Rest up and take care. Oh, and good luck with the house-hunting!

  2. i loved your green wool when I saw it in person and I love it in the photo. Such a rich green – can you say green is rich? Maybe lush is more appropriate? Fecund? I’m not sure. Either way, it’s fabulous.

    And your fetchings look, well, very fetching in that beautiful photo. How stunningly modelled!

    Get well soon!

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